Luxury & Comfort, Combined with Medical Technology


Medical specification foam combined with channelled zones ensure you can find the perfect posture for relaxation and comfort. These channels create a moving cell surface to maximise pressure relief. Varying sized cells create zones to support your posture across key contact areas including:-

  • The neck and shoulders
  • The upper and lower back
  • The hips and legs


Discover quality sleep as the channelled technology in our mattresses create a moveable cell structure surface that not only moves with you during the night but also promotes airflow throughout the mattress. This movement helps prevent the body staying in a single locked position for 8 hours, which is known to cause those morning aches and pains. The airflow helps to prevent overheating in bed which can cause discomfort and disturbed sleep.


Effective recovery during sleep from daily activities or exercise is vital for healthy living. Effective pressure relief can maintain skin and soft tissue blood flow which helps to keep skin and soft tissues healthy.