Bed Range

Bed Range

An Adjustamatic HealthCare Mattress combined with an Adjustamatic bed base ensures superior adjustable positioning for your comfort. It also offers postural support as well as providing relief for a range of medical conditions, including oedema, respiratory problems and arthritic symptoms. The health benefits of our beds mean that some are VAT exempt to qualifying customers.

Spend much of your day in bed?

The gentle rising function provides you with effective support, making activities like watching TV or reading more comfortable.

Sleep is often undervalued and underinvested. It is vital for your wellbeing and plays a huge part in ensuring your physical and mental health.

Choosing the right sleep surface is imperative for a comfortable and restorative night's sleep. With Adjustamatic you can be sure you have found the best in sleep expertise resulting from over 51 years of experience helping our customers get a good night's sleep. The beds and mattresses in our HealthCare range have been created using our medically proven technology and are designed to give you the best night's sleep possible.