Sammy Margo

Sammy Margo, spokesperson for the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. Physiotherapist, sleep expert and Author.

Designed with the help of Sammy Margo our Adjustamatic Healthcare products are manufactured to provide maximum support and sleep comfort. Every individual need is different and our range of mattresses, bed bases and adjustable bed bases ensure that any combination of product, size and colour can tailor this requirement to ensure maximum sleep comfort.

Overheating at night can be a cause of poor or disturbed sleep and causes you to wake whilst adjusting your body or covers to find a better temperature. The Adjustamatic healthcare mattress castellated surface promotes airflow through specific channels designed to push the heat away from your mattress surface, and of course your body. Side vents on the Coolmax cover then allow this air to escape so that the heat does not circulate.

At night your body naturally sweats, the specially designed Coolmax fabric cover allows moisture to be absorbed more easily keeping you cool, dry and ultimately more comfortable. Suitable for all skin types the hypo-allergenic cover will not irritate your skin aiding your restorative sleep process. The cover also has a full zip system enabling you to simply unzip and wash as often as you wish.

The medical grade specification foam comes in various layers and densities to suit individual comfort preferences and unlike alternative memory foam topped alternatives this will prevent positional body locking and any irritation to chemicals found in memory foam mattresses. Overall the medical specification foam is used in health and care centres throughout the UK.

There are many factors that can interrupt sleep and the natural restorative and regenerative processes that help keep us healthy. That is why Sammy Margo has helped ensure that the Adjustamatic Healthcare product range promotes good sleep, good health so that you can enjoy the additional health benefits that naturally follow.