National Bed Federation

As a consumer, we understand that you would expect nothing less than the very best in quality when it comes to buying a new bed. Sometimes your own research into buying a new bed is simply testing the 'bounce' for personal comfort or enjoying the aesthetics in consideration of how it will look in your home. However, you should always ensure you check the credentials of the product you are buying.

Adjustamatic are proud members of the NBF and approved code. The National Bed Federation is the recognised trade association representing UK manufacturers of beds and mattresses and their suppliers. The NBF enforce a code of practice that all members must adhere to prior to gaining membership and these range from health and safety, hygiene and product descriptions to ensure that you the consumer, are getting the very best from their new purchase

Flammability is a huge safety factor and every detail must be covered in ensuring that the safety measures are achieved. This includes a flammability test so that in the event of an accident your bed meets the required legal standard and in so helping save lives. Health and hygiene issues also cover all of the materials and suppliers since every stage of manufacture must include approved code procedures. Trade descriptions are also very Important. If an NBF member states information about the bed or mattress, its materials and in our case it's health benefits, then they are right to do so.

Some products on the market unfortunately do not meet NBF standards or are even legal which is why it is extremely important that when buying a new bed or mattress that you look for the NBF Approved Code Members Logo.

If you unsure or would like to check a manufacturers credentials either ask your local retailer for more details. You can also check a manufacturer yourself by searching the National Bed Federation Website.

In summary some of the main NBF aims and objectives are as follows:-

  • The NBF are the voice of the UK bed industry, both nationally and internationally
  • The NBF ensure that all members of the Federation fulfil all relevant legal obligations and operate in an ethical manner conducive to fair competition and fair dealing with employees, customers and suppliers.
  • The NBF educate and further the interests of the UK bed industry to the consumer, the media, government, retailers and professionals with an interest in beds; and the wider bed and furniture industries in the UK and internationally.
  • The NBF promote and foster public awareness of the benefits to health and wellbeing of quality sleep enhanced by the correct support and comfort of a good bed, regularly replaced.
  • The NBF Improve the depth of the Federation's knowledge of British and European standards and legislation that directly affects the UK bed industry and to ensure all Members are also kept updated and informed of the same
  • The NBF investigate cases of unfair or fraudulent trading and to take such proceedings as may appear to the Federation to be advisable to prevent the sale of any article which is being sold, or about to be sold under any misleading, false, or fraudulent description or trade mark or trade name